• Laura

Spring Bouquets 2020

Updated: Jul 24

Every week when we pick flowers and go into the shed to begin to design the bouquets I wonder what will develop. I never know, because the flowers decide for me what the bouquet will look like. It's a beautiful process that I enjoy every time I stand in front of the buckets of flowers and begin to arrange.

Our table stands in front of the open doors of the old shed up on the hill which looks out over the river and the view is as lovely as the flowers. Often one of the cats will join us to see what we are up to. This spring we had a little Carolina wren nesting on one of the shelves and so we saw her come and go for over a month as she sat on the nest and then hatched and trained her babies to fly. They were such an adorable little family and this was her second year in that nest. She is perfectly protected inside a closed building and is able to fly in and out of a broken window on the back wall. We obviously can't fix that window. ;)

The many bulbs we planted in the fall allowed for wonderful bouquets and the mild winter produced absolutely amazing hellebores. We were able to use them as filler for our bouquets for many weeks, which was the most wonderful surprise. Next year, if the weather is good, we should have even more as our plantings mature.

Here are a few of the bouquets from this spring.