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Summer Flower Stand 2019

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

We’ve been searching for the best way to get our flowers to our customers and our neighbor kindly agreed to allow us to set up on their front lawn.

We’ll be on the corner of Cool Hollow Rd. and Beaver Creek Rd. in front of the great old stone house. There’s room to park on the grass. If you have something special you are looking for feel free to contact me during the week and you can pick it up or we can arrange a time more convenient for you.

Bouquets are $12. Some weeks there are additional flowers available for a per piece price. This week it’s blue hydrangeas, sunflowers, green tail amaranth and purple lisianthus. Each week will be a little different.

Just a few words about freshness. Most of the flowers we sell are cut early the morning they are sold, or at the earliest, the day before. We store some flowers in a cooler, but not all summer flowers like cold storage so we usually cut the day we sell. The flowers are treated with professional hydrating solution and are placed directly into water with floral food—right in the field. We are serious about providing the highest quality cut flowers possible and do everything we can to make sure the flowers we sell will last, so you can enjoy them for as long as possible. If you change the water every couple days and use flower food the flowers will last longer. Removing any leaves below the water line also extends the life of the bouquet.

If you buy a lot of cut flowers or like to cut out of your own garden I highly recommend that you consider buying yourself a couple of products. The hydrating solution, Quick Dip, is available on Amazon and is reasonably priced. A small bottle will easily last the average person a year or two. Floral food is available from several companies on Amazon, too. I’ll include pictures. (I’m not a paid sponsor for these items—this is just what I use.) The flower food can also be purchased on Amazon in little packets for easy home use.

When I learned about hydrating solution a number of years ago it totally changed my outlook on cutting flowers at home. Lilacs and hydrangeas are favorites of mine and both are extremely prone to wilting. But they can have a nice long vase life using this product. I’ve even gotten a completely wilted hydrangea to come fully back to beautiful life by making a fresh cut, dipping in "Quick Dip' hydrator, then placing in hot water with flower food in it. It’s a trick of the florist’s trade that everyone who loves flowers should know. :)

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