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Weekly Bouquet Subscriptions--Spring 2022

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

This year we were able to include a lot of premium flowers in our bouquet subscriptions and we hope our customers loved them! (We love hearing from you all about how the flowers do once you get them home and pictures of them in your home are always appreciated.)

We ran the subscription from April through almost the end of June and it included tulips, anemone, ranunculus, peonies, specialty daffodils, hellebores, allium, nigella, larkspur, and more. Creating these bouquets each week is a joy and we love to see what comes out of the fields--we never know what the bouquets will look like until we make them.

We decided to take a mid-summer break this year. This may seem odd as summer is the time for flowers, but we've found over the last couple years that a lot of people travel in July and they also have flowers in their own gardens, so this is a good time for us to take a break which we are using to plant, plant, plant! We are gearing up for a busy late summer and fall season this year.

We continue to sell our flowers wholesale through our co-op and to designers and florists, so if you are in need of wholesale or event flowers, feel free to reach out.

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