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April Bouquet Subscription:


The April subscription is for four bouquets, one on each Friday for the month of April (starting on April 5). These bouquets will be in a quart mason jar and will contain approximately 15-25 stems including flowers and green filler. Premium flowers will always be included in these bouquets.


~The pickup location is Hagerstown on our farm at 20522 Campbell Ct., Hagerstown MD on Friday from noon - 7pm  (please note we are not otherwise open to the public--thanks!)


When you pick up your bouquet it will have your first name and last initial on it.  Please take your bouquet, leave your previous mason jar and begin to enjoy your beautiful locally grown flowers! We pick them especially for you and look forward each week to sharing the bounty of the farm with our customers.  


April brings specialty tulips, ranunculus, anemone, heirloom narcissus, hellebores, bluebells, leucojum (summer snowflake), a few early lily of the valley, double snapdragons and more.  As these flowers are ready we include them in your bouquets.  Many of our most sought after flowers are grown in protected high tunnels (like a greenhouse, but without heat) which allows us to pick much earlier than if we just grew outside.  


The last date to purchase this subscription is April 1.


If purchasing as a gift for someone else, please include both the name of the recipient and the recipient's email address in the "Add a note" feature on the cart page so we can send them the pickup instructions and email updates throughout the season and so that we can put the correct name on the bouquet each week.


We ask that you bring back your mason jar each week when you pick up your next bouquet as it helps keep our business sustainable. If you have extras we are happy to take them, too. 


Through purchase of a monthly subscription you (and any recipient of the subscription) are agreeing to our CSA membership terms and conditions.

April 2024 Bouquet Subscription