May Monthly Subscription:


This is a subscription for four bouquets, one each Tuesday, available in a quart mason jar.  Each bouquet will contain approximately 15-18 stems of premium flowers and green filler.


The last day to purchase this subscription is April 19.


May is a fabulous month as the tulips continue, anemone and ranunculus are at their peak and sweet peas come into bloom.  Sweet peas are a favorite of ours and you probably remember a grandmother or aunt who grew them.  Larkspur, Shirley poppies, bachelors buttons and many other blooms may be included.  As always, we are at the mercy of the weather and cannot be entirely certain of what will be in our bouquets, but these are the flowers that we expect to be available. 


If purchasing as a gift for someone else, please include both the name of the recipient and the recipient's email address in the "Add a note" feature on the cart page so we can send them the pickup instructions and email updates throughout the season.


For May we will have four weeks of flowers available. This purchase entitles you to bouquets for the four Tuesdays of May, 2021 for a discounted prepaid cost of $60.


If you will be out of town please let us know at least 7 days in advance and we will be happy to accommodate your schedule.   


Bouquets will be labeled with each customer’s name and will be available for contactless pick up. This year Laura will be available from noon until 1pm on the first Tuesday of each month at the pick up location (outside) to check in with customers to be sure that things are going smoothly.   


We ask that you bring back your mason jar each week when you pick up your next bouquet. This is a great help as mason jars have been in short supply for the last year.


We will continue to have a few extras available for sale each week for the price of $18 per bouquet which may be paid on site.


The pick up is on Tuesdays from noon until 7 pm. After purchase you will be given the exact location by email. (If this purchase is a gift for someone else please be sure we have their contact information.)


Prepaid Mason Jar Bouquet Costs:

April, May, July, September, October (4 Tuesdays) -- $60 per month

June, August (5 Tuesdays) -- $75 per month


Through purchase of a monthly subscription you (and any recipient of the subscription) are agreeing to our CSA membership terms and conditions.

May Monthly Subscription