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Cool Hollow Flower Farm 2021 CSA Flowers

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

We sell our flowers locally at a farm in the Beaver Creek area, east of Hagerstown. All of the information is available on our website, and you can purchase there with convenient online payment now available. You will need a password to get into the shop--it's easy to get by signing up on our email list. (We don't sell our list and send out just a few emails a year.) You may purchase bouquets either monthly or seasonally (three months together), then simply come pick up your bouquet on a weekly basis. We offer bouquets April through September. The pick up location is in the Beaver Creek, MD area, east of Hagerstown, MD, and the exact location will be sent to you by email after purchase.

Prepaid Monthly CSA Subscription Mason Jar Bouquet:

April, May, July, September, October (4 Tuesdays in these months) -- $60 per month

June, August (5 Tuesdays in these months) -- $75 per month

Seasonal CSA Subscription Mason Jar Bouquet:

Spring (April, May, June) 13 weeks -- $175 for the season

Summer (July, August, September) 13 weeks -- $175 for the season

We can only offer a limited number of subscriptions each month and season, so please be sure to grab your spot now.

The full price for the quart mason jar bouquets is $18 for 2021, but with pre-purchase you get a reduction in the price. This discount is offered as an encouragement for you to pre-purchase, which helps us know exactly how to plan and plant. (Please note that MD sales tax is included in all purchases.)

Just like last year the pick up location will be at a farm in the Beaver Creek area, east of Hagerstown, MD and will be on Tuesdays from noon until 7 p.m. This coincides with another farmer who drops off his produce and eggs at this location on the same day, throughout the year. If you are interested in purchasing vegie shares please contact Dave from Blue Mountain Farm at He can let you know how to purchase eggs and vegetables.

After purchase of a flower subscription Cool Hollow Flower Farm will communicate to you the exact address for pick up and more specifics, in an email. This year Laura will plan to be present at the pick up location on the first Tuesday of each month for a couple of hours to ensure that all is going smoothly. Please note that if there is any issue when you arrive please use the number provided at the pick up location to text or call and we will immediately come and help. We can usually be there within a couple minutes.

In the “shop” section of the website you will find that each month and season has a description of the flowers you can expect to see in the bouquets (to the best of our knowledge based on past years' blooming times) and pictures are included to give an idea of the flowers that might be available for that month. Bouquets each week will be carefully designed and will be the farmer's choice using the flowers that are available that week. The spring colors we use are generally soft colors, with just a few bright colors here and there. In the summer the palette will get bolder and continue through into the early fall when it will change again to autumn colors. We take care to select flowers that go with the seasons. However, in general our favored colors are softer more muted colors in coral, lavender, pink, blue and white shades, but in the fall and summer the colors do brighten.

Because we are a farm and grow our own flowers we are dependent on the weather and other factors beyond our control, so we must say that it is always possible that a severe storm could cause damage which could prevent us from holding our weekly bouquet sales. If this happens we will email you as soon as possible to let you know. As farmers we watch the weather constantly and will always attempt to harvest before a storm in order to prevent a disruption of service to customers. We have a large cooler for the storage of flowers if necessary, and it is a great help in extending the life of flowers in the hot summer months. However, we try not to let flowers sit in the cooler because we want you to have the freshest flowers available—in general the bouquet flowers are harvested the day before you receive them. In the last couple of years we have not had a disruption, but it is always a possibility which we feel we should mention.

Below is the CSA Agreement. A purchase of a subscription is an agreement to these terms and conditions.

CSA agreement between farmer and customer:

We as your flower farmers agree and promise to work hard to grow a wonderful selection of beautiful flowers with tender loving care. We will watch the weather and make every attempt to harvest ahead of storms so as not to allow gaps in flower production which might affect your weekly flower bouquets. We will send out a newsletter each week keeping you informed of the flowers in the bouquets as well as other information regarding the farm--please be sure that our email is in your contacts. We will continue to farm sustainably, and agree not to use harmful chemicals or pesticides in the growing of your flowers.

By purchasing a Bouquet Subscription for yourself or as a gift you agree to:

Payment--which once remitted, is nonrefundable. Members may find another person to buy or take their membership, but are responsible for informing Cool Hollow Flower Farm of the change in ownership.

Pick up--Members must pick up their bouquets during the time agreed upon. Flowers which remain at the end of the day will become the property of the host site and/or Cool Hollow Flower Farm, which will make a decision about what to do with the bouquet. No credit is given for flowers which are not picked up. Please inform us if you will be out of town and do not wish to have a bouquet made.

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