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  • Where is your farm located?
    We are located in Western Maryland in the Hagerstown area on a historic farm.
  • What types of flowers do you have?
    It depends! Each season is different and each week in those seasons is different as well. You can check our "What We Grow" pages to get an idea of the flowers that are in season or our Instagram @coolhollowflowers to get a more specific idea of what is growing on the farm currently.
  • Do you offer a pick-your-own service?
    Our farm is not open to the public and we do not offer any pick-your-own services. Check out our instagram to see what goes on around the farm.
  • Do you design for weddings?
    We do not design for weddings, but we can sell directly to your wedding floral designer with enough advance notice depending on the season. We can also sell to local DIY brides who plan to do their own wedding flowers.
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