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Progress on the Hoophouse

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

This has been our second cold snap of the winter. It's been below 20 degrees for several mornings which makes for late morning starts and keeps us from wanting to stay out too long. G cut down a couple trees that would be a problem for the hoophouse and has worked on clearing them into piles to burn late. Have I mentioned what a good sport he is? It was truly bitter yesterday.

This morning we were walking down by the river and found large dog like prints in the snow which tells us the local coyote is still lurking around. We followed them and found that he/she has been just below the garden and just out of sight of the house behind the kitchen. If it is the same one I saw last summer it's a big one--as big as a large German shepherd. We also amused ourselves by noticing that the deer pretty much walk wherever they like, including right next to the house where we would never imagine they have been. We know they are out there, but rarely see them except when they cross the driveway into the woods in the afternoon, occasionally. G planned where to put the game camera he wants to buy.

We have marked the corners of the hoophouse and got it pretty much perfect with minimal effort on my part--more effort on G's part. (G used the geometry he learned in high school and still remembers. I'm glad it was good for something.)

We are still debating how to prepare the soil in such cold weather. Reading and debating. The ground is alternatively very muddy and frozen, so this is not a great time to be working the soil.

Dad, husband, son and me

Helping to set the posts.

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