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Updated: Aug 21, 2021

What a spring this has been. Warm nights and no freezes for weeks. Every blooming tree is open at once (at least a little bit) and the lilacs and tulips are in full bloom. And tomorrow is Easter. What a glorious spring.

In the fall I put in 600 tulips hoping to harvest and sell them. Well, being just a bit behind in a few areas, the tulips are blooming on schedule and I am not as ready as I should be for them.

The cooler is in the middle of being built, and will probably be done in a week or two, but for now I'm harvesting tulips and storing them in our darkest room, with the shades drawn and the a/c on. (I would not turn on the a/c yet, but my son and husband like it, and it does facilitate cooling my precious tulips.)

The weather is so warm that the tulips are turning color and opening overnight! I cannot believe it. So much to do and learn. Next year I'll be ready! But this year I have the most beautiful cut tulips to look at and to share.

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