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Seed Resources:

• Johnny’s Selected Seeds—hands down the best resource

• Floret Flowers Seeds

• The Gardeners Workshop—great mid-Atlantic resource

• Harris Seeds

• Select Seeds

• Eden Brothers Seeds

• Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

• Ardelia Farm – Sweet Peas

• Sunflower Selections 

Supplies Resources:

Local Flower Farms:

Cool Hollow Flower Farm

Whispering Flower Farm

Winding Root Flower Farm

• Cockleshell Flower Farm

Small Ventures Flower Farm—Charles Town, WV

Far Bungalow Flower Farm--Leesburg

• Pleasant Pasture Farm

Doodle Flower Farm

• Stop Buy N See

• Valley Ridge Farm

Coldwater Flowers—Greencastle

Flourish Flowers--Myersville

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