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◦  DIY Flower Buckets  ◦

DIY flower buckets are popular way for those who love flowers to do their own designing with beautiful fresh local flowers for parties, house bouquets, courthouse weddings, flower crowns, and more! The blooms included will be florist-quality flowers--the same that we send out to our florists and designers, but at a more economical cost because we are sharing the week's excess bounty with you. Because these buckets of flowers are made up of what we have in excess we do not allow much choice in the way of varieties or color--but we promise to send you beautiful flowers that will be a mix of focal, filler, and line flowers and greenery to use for your arrangements or bouquets. We require a purchase of a minimum of two buckets and recommend five buckets for a typical party of five table arrangements with a few other small bouquets for the kitchen and powder bath.  If you have questions please DM Laura on  Instagram and she will be happy to help. Please contact us at least two weeks before your event to be sure that we can fulfill your floral needs.

The flowers we send out include many seasonal fan favorites such as Snapdragons, Zinnias, Sunflowers, Strawflower, Larkspur, Celosia, Ageratum, Queen Anne's Lace, Sweet William (dianthus), and many lovely green filler plants such as Bupleurum, Eucalyptus, Euonymus, Ninebark and Cerinthe (honeywort). The flowers will be what is in bloom that week and this changes every week.  It can be difficult for us to predict ahead of time exactly what you will receive. We also offer premium stems, including Ranunculus, Dahlias, Delphinium, Peonies, Allium, Lisianthus, and Tulips--these will only be included if we have extras to spare, but generally need to be ordered by the stem at additional cost. The flowers we include depend completely on the season and certain colors are harder to find in certain seasons--it is a good idea to ask well in advance if you have very specific color needs. A bucket contains about 45-55 stems depending on the size of flowers and the time of year. Customers may also choose all greenery or all flowers depending on their needs. 

Please DM Laura on instagram to inquire about ordering and include your email in messages so that an invoice can be sent or email at with the subject line "DIY FLOWER INQUIRY"  A quick description of how you plan to use the flowers, what containers you will be using (if any), size (including width of opening), and how many bouquets, designs, or whatever you are making, will help to allow us to best plan your order. We love sending out these DIY buckets and the more we know the better for you!  If you have specific flower needs these can be ordered separately and we are happy to let you know what the cost for flowers will be based on your request. Most flowers start at about $2.50 a stem and specialty flowers such as peonies and dahlias start at $3.50 a stem. 


An online invoice for half the price will be sent and payment is required to put the order on our calendar. The balance is due when the flowers are picked up or delivered.  For orders over $500 the balance is due two days before delivery.


$95 per bucket - farmers choice of colors

$115 per bucket - customer choice of colors: yellows, blues, pinks, white, blush, etc., when available


Delivery to Downtown Frederick MD - $20

Delivery to Hagerstown area - $20

Pickup on farm in Hagerstown - free

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