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Subscription Information

 Spring Bouquet Subscriptions for April and May are live and listed on our shop


The Bouquet Subscriptions are paid ahead of time. This arrangement is what is often called a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). 

 Our spring bouquets come in a quart mason jar and since we grow everything in the bouquets, the specific flowers vary from week to week. Check out our blog for pictures of the bouquets from 2022. 

Through the purchase of a monthly subscription, you (and any recipient of the subscription) are agreeing to our CSA membership terms and conditions.

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CSA Terms and Conditions

We as your flower farmers agree to work hard to grow a wonderful selection of beautiful seasonal flowers with tender loving care. We will continue to farm sustainably, and agree not to use harmful chemicals or pesticides in the growing of your flowers. We will watch the weather and make every attempt to harvest ahead of storms so as not to allow gaps in flower production which might affect your weekly flower bouquets.


We will send out an email each week reminding you of the pick up date and keeping you informed of the flowers in the bouquets as well as other information regarding the farm--please be sure that our email is in your contacts.


If an emergency arises which might necessitate a cancellation on our part (for instance in the event of a severe weather event) we will contact you as soon as possible. We promise that we will not sell or share your information with outside parties.

By purchasing a Bouquet Subscription for

yourself or as a gift you agree to:

Payment--  Which once remitted, is nonrefundable. Members may find another person to buy or take their membership, but are responsible for informing Cool Hollow Flower Farm of the change in ownership.

Pick up-- Members must pick up their bouquets during the time agreed upon. Flowers which remain at the end of the day will become the property Cool Hollow Flower Farm, which will make a decision about what to do with the bouquet. No credit is given for flowers which are not picked up. Please inform us one week before the date in question if you will be out of town so we can decide together how best to handle your particular situation. 

Inform Cool Hollow Flowers of your email, or the email of the recipient if the purchase is a gift, so that weekly reminders and information, as well as any emergency notifications, may be communicated.

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