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◦  Event Arrangements  ◦

Pictured below are some flower arrangements we have made for various local businesses and events. The arrangements can range in size from tiny bottles to large mason jars or glass vases. If you have a preferred vessel you want your arrangement(s) in we can accommodate your preferences and design according to the size and shape of the vessel. All arrangements are made with locally grown flowers. Freshly cut locally grown flowers last much longer than imported flowers that have to endure long journeys on trucks and planes. You also get to see some delicate specialty flowers that florists cannot get from overseas due to their ephemeral nature. Our prices range from around $15 for a very small pint arrangement to around $85 for a larger arrangement. Price will vary depending on the number of premium flowers included (peonies, dahlias, specialty tulips, etc.) which are priced per stem. If you have questions or would like to place an order, please send an email to with the subject line "Event Arrangement Request" and include what colors you are interested in as well as what type of occasion the arrangement(s) is for. Also include the day you would like the arrangement. We ask that you order at least a week or more in advance (excluding flowers of condolence) to ensure we can provide the flowers you would like.

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