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2020 Summer Flower Gallery

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

It seems like winter is the perfect time for a gallery of the past year's flowers. Looking back makes me dream of the warmer weather that brings the flowers back.

Early spring bouquet of tulips, hellebores, lilacs and grape hyacinth

End of the season strawflower picking.

Late summer mixed bouquet.

Weekly CSA bouquets ready for delivery

Lisianthus, sunflowers, aster, celosia, cosmos, amaranth, eucalyptus and zinnias

A bright mid-summer bouquet

One of our weekly CSA bouquets at the pick-up location in Beaver Creek.

Bouquets for a party.

Lisianthus! So fresh and beautiful in July and August

January flowers.

April bouquets of tulips, lilacs, hellebores, eucalyptus, snapdragons and more.

French lilacs.

Parrot tulips, narcissus and lilacs.

Delicate spring bouquets.

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