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◦  Wholesale Ordering  ◦

We are a part of a five-farm collective called Rock and River Flower Collective. We offer wholesale ordering to florists and designers with wholesale licenses. To gain access to our shop for ordering, you can email with the subject line "wholesale ordering inquiry" and one of our members will be in touch and they will ask for your sales tax exemption certificate. After being added to the mailing list, you will receive a weekly password for the Shopify shop where you can place your wholesale orders. You can order through the Shopify shop each week for delivery the following week.  


The members of our collective are in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia and we have standing orders in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Gettysburg, Frederick, and other areas in between. You may also place larger orders for the future as a pre-order by emailing us and inquiring about specific availability for the flowers you are looking for. We will only sell wholesale to businesses with a wholesale license, otherwise you may place a DIY bucket order.

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