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High Tunnel update...again

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Well, we are still working along and the soil has been amended and rototilled, one end wall is almost complete (and looks very professional) and I think we could put the plastic on if we really wanted to. We are a little nervous to pull the trigger on the plastic installation. Plus, we've had a couple rip-roaring storms in the past week that would surely have tested the strength of our structure. Looking for a day with no breeze on this farm is definitely a waiting game. Given that we are going to need the help of our neighbors and my husband all together and they all have day jobs, it may just take a couple weeks to find the right time.

This week I plan to lay out the drip system and pin down the fabric so we can plant. But I think we all know what they say about plans.....

We laid out a planting bed between the existing garden and the high tunnel. It got rototilled along with several other areas. I can already see it’s way too small. ;)

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