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Mason Jar Bouquet Sales 2020

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

We've been extremely fortunate to be able to sell flowers this year at the pick up location where Dave Elliott of Blue Mountain Farm is selling in the Hagerstown area. If you are interested in vegies and/or eggs contact Dave to be added to his list. This pick up location is conveniently located close to our farm and has worked out well during this unusual year. We are indebted to the owner of the farm who allows us to use their lovely stone springhouse. Below is a picture of the location.

We've chosen to do a modified CSA this year. A true CSA would be a prepaid subscription service, but we allow our customers to pick and choose the weeks that they wish to buy and to pay as they go and this has worked out well. Most customers buy either all or several weeks of the month, and some just choose one week--whatever works for them works for us. Many customers have commented on how much the flowers have brightened their days and those of their friends and family during these strange times. :) We are so happy that during this difficult year our flowers have provided a little happiness. It brings to mind a favorite quote: "in joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends". Never has this seemed more true.

Anyone who is interested can order a bouquet, they simply need to sign up for our weekly email, on the main website pages, which comes out every Friday. Pricing and more specific flower information is available in the email. The pick up location is in the Beaver Creek area and the pick up day is on Tuesdays anytime between noon and 8pm. This will continue through the end of the 2020 season sometime in mid October, depending on the weather.

Summer bouquets in the springhouse, ready for pick up.

Special requests for mason jar bouquets on days other than Tuesday can usually be accommodated--please email if you are in need of flowers. A small surcharge is often charged at the discretion of the farm if the bouquets are needed on a day other than Tuesday to allow for the custom picking and extra flower arranging time that is needed. Delivery is available in the greater Hagerstown area for a flat fee of $5.

Here are just a few of the weekly bouquets delivered to customers at our contactless pick up location.

Buckets of flowers for DIY weddings are also available. Please feel free to ask about them!

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