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New outlet for flowers at the Valley Co-op 2019

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

We are a new supplier at the Valley Co-op located at the Hagerstown City Farmer's Market on W. Church St. in the historic downtown area. Co-op members can pre-order and pick up bouquets during regular pick-up times and the public can buy bouquets during Farmer's Market hours on Saturday from 9am-noon. If you haven't visited the Hagerstown Farmer's Market take a look, there are some wonderful local vendors with fantastic food and goods.

This week we will have mixed bouquets available, but starting next week pre-orders will be available.

Members can pre-order bouquets on the Co-op website for pick-up Thursday-Saturday. Members of the public may continue to buy mixed bouquets on Saturday morning. Please feel free to message me with any questions.

We will have buckets of zinnias, mason jars of dahlias, and a couple types of bouquets available to members. Please consider membership in this fabulous source for local food and products! Members pick up on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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