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Winter work

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

We've been planting seeds under lights and are planning a much larger growing area for 2020. A modest greenhouse which we installed about eight years ago has previously been unheated, but a newly installed heater has made it a true working greenhouse this winter. It's been wonderful to have a place to put the baby plants as they progress in size and are ready to move out to the greenhouse for some real sunlight.

The hoophouse has been dormant this winter as I continue to learn how best to use it. Plants that have overwintered from last year are actually doing quite well. Eucalyptus continues to be attractive enough to be cut for use--even after many nights in the teens. The feverfew, snapdragons and lisianthus from the summer are holding tight and the fall-planted specialty snapdragons look really good.

The Floret online course has been very helpful to understanding much about how best to proceed and I'm excited for this growing season to begin.

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